Bilateral Cooperation

Russia's active participation in the Egmont Group of Financial Intelligence Units, comprising the FIUs of 151 different jurisdictions and offering its members the opportunity to exchange information via a special secure communication channel, contributes to the effectiveness of international cooperation in the AML/CFT field.

Rosfinmonitoring's cooperation with the FIUs of 93 countries and jurisdictions is governed by the treaties of the Russian Federation or based on the principles of reciprocity, with taking due account of the principles of information exchange between the FIUs of the Egmont Group and the provisions of the model interagency agreement approved by Government decree No. 1922-r dated October 30, 2010. All interagency agreements Rosfinmonitoring enters into have the status of international treaties of the Russian Federation.

The most intense information sharing is taking place with the FIUs of France, USA, Spain, Germany, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Cyprus, Latvia, Kazakhstan.

Rosfinmonitoring receives about 2000 information requests from its foreign colleagues each year and sends out approximately the same amount. 

Information exchange often results in joint financial investigations involving, besides FIUs, other competent authorities of the interested states and territories.