Published: 09.09.2019

To facilitate the transition to an independent assessment of qualifications in the financial market, the Federal Financial Monitoring Service and the Financial Market Professional Qualifications Board (FMPQB) signed the Roadmap for the implementation of an independent AML/CFT/PF qualification assessment system. 

The presentation of the Roadmap took place in Moscow on 4 September 2019 with the participation of Rosfinmonitoring, Bank of Russia, Finance Ministry, Justice Ministry, Roskomnadzor, Assay Chamber, National Qualifications Development Agency, Financial Market Professional Qualifications Board, Association of Russian Banks, Russian Collegium of Auditors and Accountants, International Training and Methodology Centre for Financial Monitoring, educational and scientific organizations, and financial service companies. The event was held in the format of speeches and reports by the Roadmap developers followed by question-and-answer sessions.

In his opening remarks to the participants, Rosfinmonitoring Deputy Director V I. Glotov said that the focus of the presentation was on the mechanisms and tools needed to launch an independent qualification assessment system for financial monitoring specialists.

V I. Glotov:

"The enactment of Federal Law No. 238 'On the Independent Assessment of Qualifications' has allowed us to take a fresh look at the formation of such a system. Above all, we had to figure out and formulate the target model that can be formed through an independent assessment of qualifications of the relevant personnel. The description of the target model allowed us to outline the key steps to be taken to enable the deployment of the entire system. At the moment, I'm pleased to announce that we've already made some progress in this area." 

The event also included speeches by Chairman of the Financial Market Professional Qualifications Board A V. Murychev, Deputy Chair of the Bank of Russia R N. Vesterovsky, First Deputy General Director of the National Qualifications Development Agency Y V. Smirnova, General Director of the Association of Financial Market Participants "Financial Market Professional Qualifications Board" D K. Mashtakeeva, and Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Association of AML/CFT Professionals V V. Godin.

Following the presentation of the Roadmap, its developers used a video conferencing system to answer more than 50 questions from the audience, underscoring the effectiveness of this communication format.