On the Meeting of the CIS Coordination Council under the Interstate Aviation Security Committee

Published: 20.11.2018

On November 15, 2018, the ICAO Training Center for Aviation Security of the National Airport of Minsk hosted a meeting of the coordination Council of the IAC (Interstate Aviation Committee) on aviation security of the States parties to the intergovernmental Agreement on cooperation to ensure the protection of civil aviation from acts of unlawful interference (Minsk, 1995.).

The meeting of the Coordination Council was attended by: Chairman of the Coordination Council on Aviation Security, CIS A. Belykh, the representatives of the IAC, CIS Antiterrorist Center, Rosfinmonitoring, representatives in the field of aviation security of Department on aircraft of the Republic of Belarus, National airport Minsk, air company "Belavia", "Belaeronavigation", Turkmenistan airlines, representatives of the Interior Ministry, KGB and the Transport inspection of transport Ministry of Belarus, representative of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the field of aviation security, the chief editor of the magazine "Aviasoyuz".

The following decisions were made during the meeting:

  • fully endorse and support the recommendations on aviation security of the 39th session of the Assembly of the International Civil Aviation Organization (2016) and the aviation security Roadmap for the European and North Atlantic regions (2018) for the implementation of the ICAO Global aviation security plan;
  • recognize the need for development and strengthening of cooperation with law-enforcement agencies, stakeholder agencies and organizations to ensure response to the terrorist threat to the aviation infrastructure objects;
  • to determine that the risk factors in the field of international air transport security should be considered actively and comprehensively in order to identify and prevent acts of unlawful interference, paying special attention to the timely response to existing threats and ensuring the safe operation of international air transport;
  • agreed to promote a coordinated response to threats and incidents and to make every effort to improve the efficiency of international air transport through risk-based, appropriate and proportionate measures;
  • to organize mutual information about incidents, facts and attempts of violation of the inspection procedure, seizure of prohibited air transport, their ways of getting on board the aircraft and the measures taken to study and exchange the experience of the ASS, improving the level of aviation security at the CIS international airports and the implementation of air transportation.

It should be noted that during the meeting the participants of the CIS Coordination Council under the IAC discussed the issues of combating the financing of the movement of foreign terrorist fighters and held constructive discussions, exchanged experience in the implementation of tasks at the regional and state levels, reviewed the progress made in the field of strengthening aviation security, paying special attention to countering new challenges and threats in the field of protection of civil aviation from acts of unlawful interference, the prospects of expanding cooperation in this area.


Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) was established in December of 1991 on the grounds of the Interstate agreement on civil aviation and on use of air space (Agreement) signed by 12 new independent states to preserve uniform aviation rules,  airworthiness standards, unified system of certification of aviation equipment and its production, international categorized aerodromes and their equipment, independent investigation of aviation accidents, coordination of civil aviation development issues and harmonization of national air traffic management systems development programs.