Participation in the FATF High-Level Mission to Indonesia

Published: 16.05.2018

May 8-11, 2018, Head of Rosfinmontoring International Cooperation Department A.Petrenko took part in the FATF high-level mission that visited Jakarta in the context of admission of Indonesia to the Financial Action Task Force. In addition to Russia, the delegation led by the FATF President Mr. Otamendi from Argentina also included the representatives of the USA, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Pursuant to the decision adopted, with the support of Russia, by the FATF plenary in June 2017 to grant Jakarta’s application for initiating the accession process, the goal of the onsite mission was to ascertain readiness of the Indonesian Government to promptly address the gaps in the national AML/CFT legislation that still remained after exclusion of the country from the FATF “Grey List” in 2015 and to remove the remaining barriers for implementation of the international anti-money laundering (AML), counter-terrorist financing (CTF) and counter proliferation financing (CPF) standards.

The host party arranged for the meetings with the Minister of Finance, Minister of Law and Human Rights, Minister of Home Affairs, Director of Financial Intelligence Unit, Chairman of the Central Bank, Prosecutor General, Heads of Financial Services Department, Heads of Anti-Narcotics Agency and Anti-Corruption Commission, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Deputy Director of National Agency for Combatting Terrorism.

The on-site discussions focused on the preliminary outcomes of the comprehensive evaluation of effectiveness of the Indonesian AML/CTF/CPF system being conducted by the APG, the FATF Style Regional Body. The delegation noted the significant progress achieved by Jakarta in recent years and the high level of interagency coordination.

At all meetings, the Indonesian authorities demonstrated understanding of what should be done in the short term and expressed their willingness to implement the recommended measures within the established timelines.

All members of the delegation unanimously agreed to bring up the proposal for granting the interim observer status to Indonesia at the FATF plenary meeting in this coming June. The full membership can be granted only in 2 – 3 years following a new assessment by the FATF experts.

It was agreed with the Indonesian FIU to organize the exchange visits and to establish cooperative arrangements for conducting joint financial investigations, primarily into TF offences.