Federal Antimonopoly Service and Rosfinmonitoring Made Conclusions on the Cooperation in 2017

Published: 11.01.2018

Thus, using the information submitted by Rosfinmonitoring in 2016-2017 the FAS initiated 12 cases and took 5 decisions on violation of antimonopoly legislation. 

The Federal Antimonopoly Service jointly with Rosfinmonitoring carries out a large-scale work on identification and suppression of non-competitive agreements.  At the present moment at the FAS of Russia and its territorial bodies there are over 50 files shared by the Federal Financial Monitoring Service. 

Among the cases that have been already investigated there is a cartel of OOO Farm SKD and OAO Novafarm, established to keep the price rates during 465 e-auctions for supply of pharmaceuticals to the medical institutions of the Russian Federation totaling at 420 million rubles.  The participants of the price collusion are brought to administrative responsibility of over 90 million rubles, the case materials are sent to the Directorate of Economic Security and Countering Corruption of the Russian Ministry of Home Affairs for decision on initiating criminal prosecution.  

Among the cases initiated by the FAS of Russia upon materials of the Federal Financial Monitoring Service there is a large-scale cartel of 90 companies at 18 auctions for supply of clothing and equipment for the needs of the Federal Custom Service of Russia, Home Office of Russia and Federal Security Service of Russia in total amount of 3.5 billion rubles. The companies were fined more than 600 million rubles. The materials of the case on violation of the antimonopoly legislation were also submitted to the Directorate of Economic Security and Countering Corruption of the Russian Ministry of Home Affairs.

Also Rosfinmonitoring shared information with the FAS of Russia on violation of antimonopoly legislation by the company OOO Belyi Medved, OOO Korallin, OOO Millenium klin and the group of persons in limited liability companies Component, Ekobalt, Ruskompleks, Spetsresurs, Megaline. The violation consisted in signing anticompetitive agreements during 8 public auctions for the provision of sanitation, technical and comprehensive maintenance of barracks and residence areas at military bases, funds of higher education institutions and other subordinate institutions of the Ministry of Defense for a total amount of over 1.79 billion rubles.