Rosfinmonitoring Staff to Take Part in Interregional Meeting Organized by the Federal Treasury and Attended by the Audit Community

An interregional meeting, attended by representatives of the supervisory and legal departments of the Federal Treasury, Rosfinmonitoring, Finance Ministry and ITMCFM, heads of self-regulatory organizations of auditors and leading figures from the audit industry, was held on April 24, 2017 at the Federal Treasury. The meeting was chaired by Deputy Head of the Federal Treasury E. Isaev.

Among the participants attending the meeting via videoconferencing were representatives of the territorial units of the Treasury and Rosfinmonitoring and regional auditors.

The meeting focused on increasing the audit community's involvement in AML/CFT efforts, with account for the existing ML/TF risks and threats, and the joint development of measures for their mitigation.

Rosfinmonitoring's representatives briefed participants on the activities undertaken in preparation for the upcoming FATF 4th round of mutual evaluations. The attention of the representatives of the business community was drawn to the need for comprehensive AML/CFT efforts based on the assessment of the risks of their clients' involvement in ML/FT transactions and their reporting to the designated body.